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Wakanda Forever: My experience

Mystra and I went to Kinepolis Kirchberg to watch this movie. I had great expectations, while Mystra didn't. As you might remember, she is a DC girl whose hopes are now in the hands of the new leadership of Mr James Gunn. I was skeptical about the success of this movie, but I gained hope when the first trailer was released.

Riri Williams' appearance

I liked to see Wakanda Forever as the Origin story of Ironheart. The fact that the MCU changed Stark's support for the Wakandans makes sense if Shuri takes Tony's mantle as one of the most brilliant persons in the world. I was not too fond of Riri's lack of connection with the rest of the MCU. She looks like an outsider, and it seems she will be like that until we finally see Ironheart's episodes change our minds.

Black Panther by Richard Hendricks (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The story doesn't move forward

The whole point of Wakanda Forever is mourning Chadwick Boseman. That's fine, but there is nothing more that adds to the MCU's story.

You might argue that we now have a new T'Challa, Tlalocan was revealed as a nation, and the Midnight Angels appeared for the first time. But these should have added what will happen next. Wakanda Forever finished without giving us a clue, proving that Marvel is now showing resistance to introducing us to the next movie and making us wait more extended periods to enjoy the continuation of the whole point of a cinematic universe.

I would have loved to watch The Marvels after finishing Ms Marvel. But no, they make us wait more than a year for that. I would have loved watching Multiverse of Madness after WandaVision, and again nothing. Probably Loki would be the best prequel to Quantumania. Maybe Wakanda Forever is the prequel of Ironheart and more Namor projects that no one knows if they will come. We trust our time and money to Disney, thinking they will do it. But we don't have any guarantees.

Namor's ambiguity

Well, the nature of Namor in the comics is like that. We must determine if he is good or bad, a hero or anti-hero. He always takes a clear position on his intentions. We know what Namor is planning and what his alliances are. In this case, Namor is more hermetic than even Doctor Doom.

Additionally, I don't understand the point of the battle between Tlalocan and Wakanda. Both countries lost people, and neither won. The whole movie was a Shakespearean misunderstanding, typically of dramatic comedies.

Shuri's true purpose

I loved Shuri's Black Panther dream with Michael B. Jordan; it encounters the character with his demon and makes her ponder her true purpose. If she was a vengeful Black Panther, why she didn't kill Namor? How can a person whose mother died recently to forgive the murderer?

I saw the movie full of sadness after Chadwick Boseman's death, but also because Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the worst. I felt scammed by Kevin Feige and hopeful of James Gunn's DC Studios' forthcoming projects. Mystra may influence me, but I have a lot of disappointment.

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