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Visiting L’Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg with Mystra

When I saw her, I forgave her immediately. It was like switching the on/off button; I couldn't resist her smile, and everything that had occurred in the past stayed there. Mystra and I moved to another room and couldn't stop kissing and laughing.

She told me she had missed me a lot and that life in Luxembourg wasn't the same without me. She thought of moving back to Nyon, but before doing so, she came across this event to see if she could earn my trust again.

I was pretty shocked. I didn't expect this from Xanaphia, who always showed herself with a strong personality. After that night, I returned home and asked her to think about getting back together for a few days.

I discussed the situation with my parents, and they supported any decision I'd make.

The next day Xanaphia and I met and openly talked about our feelings. She asked me to call her Mystra since Xanaphia was part of the past.

A few weeks after launching our revamped relationship, we decided to do something different and visited the Philharmonie Luxembourg. There was a Chinese Pianist performing songs by Brahms and Beethoven. His name was Lang Lang, and neither Mystra nor I knew anything about him.

The place was packed. In my whole life, I had never visited the Philharmonie because I thought it was a place only for artists and old people, but I found the opposite. I found love, romance and magic. Lang Lang's fingers were like fairies celebrating magic in every jump creating music with the contact of the skin with the piano.

This moment celebrated Mystra and her resurrection after a difficult season of silence and death.

After the concert, we walked around the Place de l'Europe and finished near the Grand Theatre, where we took the tram home. We discussed our thoughts on the changes expected for the DCEU and our impressions of Warner's CEO. Mystra was hoping the DCEU would be better than the MCU anytime soon. I disagreed with her since the DCEU only has a good movie, The Batman, which is not even in the Snyderverse. The DCEU created a mess of universes holding all the rights of the characters. Mystra mentioned the disorder of characters' rights in the Marvel Multiverse, but she just made my point. Even with a mess of universes (Sony-Spiderman, XMex-Fox, Netflix-Defenders and Disney-MCU), they have a higher viewership.

I think that was our first fight after getting back together. When we reached home, we had dinner with my parents. Instead of playing video games like in the old times, we watched Youtube videos of Lang Lang and talked about how life would

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