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Top Three Places to go on a Date in Luxembourg City with a Gamer

Since Xanaphia and I are officially going out, I have to update the list of places to visit on a date on my agenda. To be honest with you guys, Xanaphia is kind of my first girlfriend, so this whole world is new for me.

216K Escape Room, a perfect place for a gamer

So if you are interested in games, like Xanaphia and me, you can visit 216K Escape Room, the first puzzle room in the Duchy. Here you can use your own imagination and creativity to solve tricky puzzles, find clues and solve mysteries around a topic that you can select beforehand. The escape rooms are available for groups of up to 6 people.

Respawn e-sport and gaming bar, my favourite place in the city

I know this place very well since it is my favourite spot in the whole country. I brought Xanaphia here for our second date, and she loved it too! We play Mario Kart while chatting with the guys and competing with some of my friends. Cocktails here are also great.

Respawn also offers events throughout the week that are worthy of attending. You can also buy merchandise, which Xanaphia pointed out as the authentic Luxembourgish e-sport attire.

Scott's Pub, the most Luxembourgish place ever

Last but not least, Scott's Pub is not just a bar for gamers but for everyone and, definitely, you will fit here. This iconic place is located on the shores of the Alzette river in the valley of Luxembourg's old town. It opens at 11:00 AM every day. It is a place loved by locals, tourists, and expats. So after entering there, you will find yourself immersed in an area with a ton of diversity and variety. Young adults and experienced grown-ups visit the place with no discrimination at all.

So if you are dating a foreigner in Luxembourg, this could be a prominent place to go. Scott's Pub kitchen food is organic and comes from free-range farms.

Scott's structure received massive damage in July 2021 during the Flood Disaster in Grund. It is expected to be open anytime soon this 2022 since a big part of the repairs has been done.

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