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Top Five Games to Move The Body for PlayStation 5

Since I fainted on the Luxembourgish streets—due to hypertension because of lack of movement and unhealthy eating habits—I made a 180 degrees change in how I was living my life.

So, after writing the top five games to move the body for Nintendo Switch, you have now the PlayStation 5 version.

Just Dance 2022

Just like the Nintendo version (check my full honest review here), but this one for PlayStation. I have a disclaimer here: the PlayStation 5 version of Just Dance 2022 is not as good as Just Dance 2022 for PlayStation 4. Why? Because the PS5 version doesn't support the camera, the only way to dance is by connecting your cellphone to the console to read your movements. In the PS4 version, the camera was still reading your actions. It is crazy that they decided to downgrade the game with such great technology.

Heavenly Bodies

This is an indie game with solid playability. You will control a cosmonaut who should solve puzzles to find a treasure in a space station. You can play solo or with a friend, but make sure it is someone you trust because rivalry might arise to resolve the puzzles and get the treasure soon. The whole game can be finished after 5 to 7 hours, leaving you room for replaying.

FIFA 2022

To be honest, you can stay quiet in your seat with this game, but you can contagious yourself with the football vibe and then want to practice yourself at home. In addition to that, FIFA 2022 is the first FIFA game with Leonel Messi outside the Barcelona team. This is worthy of trying out.

Finger Fitness

The PS5 doesn't have many options yet to burn calories. So that, they launched Finger Fitness – a game to work out your fingers (I know I am being obvious!). The game was released in November 2021, and after playing, it gives you a strange, odd satisfaction. The best part is that the game is only EUR 1. So, if you don't like it, you might only lose one cup of coffee. So if you need help to build the muscle in your digits, Finger Fitness is here to help you.

My name is Mayo

This is not the best fitness game title ever, but in the same way as Finger Fitness, this game will help you exercise your clicking abilities. The game simulates the real-life tapping of a Mayo Jar, which(again) is noting very fitness unless you imagine it is a homemade one.

To be honest, I don't understand the lack of fitness games in this console with all the technology they have in their hardware. That's why I continue being a Nintendo fan.

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