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Top Five Games to Move The Body For Nintendo Switch

Fitness Boxing 2

You don't have to worry if you don't have any notion of boxing because Fitness Boxing 2 will teach you everything. You will learn all the basic and advanced movements of boxing by playing. The best part is that learning is progressive. The game progress is smart, so if you skip a week of training, you will return to previous steps to remember the movements you have done before.

In addition to the daily training progress games, you can play free exercises with your trainer. So you can focus on the areas you want to achieve.

Fitness Boxing 2 also contain a modern and edited selection of songs to exercise while playing that helps you maintain the rhythm in the combat.

Zumba Burn It Up!

Zumba is an exercise discipline created in Colombia during the 90s by an aerobics instructor and choreographer that wanted to add some Latin flavour to his classes. Over time, this discipline became worldwide famous. Even in gyms in Luxembourg, you can schedule Zumba classes with local trainers.

Zumba is intended to make you burn calories, improve elasticity and coordination, release the happiness hormone and lighten the tension in the body.

The Zumba Burn It Up! game for Nintendo Switch comes with 30 songs and many dancing styles that will complete your workout. The videogame aims to use the Joy-Con to follow the movements of a character on the screen in a Just Dance Style (You can read my review of the 2022 version here). You can compete with up to 3 additional players or enjoy the workout solo at home.

Sports Party

You should consider this game if you are an old school guy like my father. It is inspired by the late Wii Sports released almost 15 years ago, and to be honest, the playability hasn't changed a lot. I remember being 8 years old playing Wii Sports with my family. It was nice because we could create a pleasant atmosphere on an ordinary day, but the game was not made to be the most fantastic thing ever.

I can say that Sports Party has the same vibe. Just a bunch of mini-games to play on a multiplayer platform with pals or solo. Just that playing alone against a Nintendo AI doesn't have much sense.

Super Mario Party

This game main intention is not to work out, but you will burn several calories playing it. In previous Mario Party Editions, you have to run through a series of boards with only slight movement to make the dice run. In this version, you can play in several stages, such as a river where you have to row a lot with the Joy-Con to enter into a vast number of broad movements mini-games.

Super Mario Party is definitely the best Mario Party ever.

Jump Rope Challenge:

This game was intended to get people entertained for a short period during the curfew times of this pandemic. However, it was so successful that it never got removed from the Nintendo eShop.

This game allows you to use the Joy-Con controllers to jump virtual rope. You can play with one or two players with bunny characters that can dress in the style of Mario, Luigi, Samus, Link, Princess Peach, Toad, among others.

The best part of this game is that it is free for download. So there is no excuse to move the body with the Nintendo Switch.

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