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Top 5 Amazing Gadgets For Geek Men

I am not into referral links or affiliate programs; I am just a nice guy doing community service to help other geeks like me. I also like to collect particular gadgets to give colourful light to my life, so I am here to recommend you my favourite ones.

The Death Star Popcorn Maker

This perfect replica of the Death Star comes with a fantastic twist; it is not Galactic Empire's super weapon that you can use to control the space around you. It is just a popcorn maker.

It works with a system of hot air that pops the corn as faster as a microwave, but with a better result. You can add flavours and blends to the corn to create delicious snacks.

If you live in Luxembourg, this gadget will also bring an element from our folklore since many residents requested the government to build a Death Star in 2018.

Smart lighting panels

You must buy smart lighting panels to give your bedroom an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Depending on the manufacturer, these panels can be controlled by voice via Alexa, remote control or touch. Some of them can change the intensity of the light and the colour for a better effect.

The Heng Balance Lamp

Imagine what if the power of two magnets would turn on the lights. Now that is possible with the technology of the Heng Balance Lamp. A small minimalistic lamp that contains two magnets connected to the base by a cord. One of the magnets is on the top, while the other is on the button. When you move them closer, the magnetism will turn on the lamp. The effect is fantastic, as you can see both elements' attraction balancing in the lamp's middle.

This gadget is a fantastic gift for those nerdy friends looking for something different that can transform simple spaces into a science-related style.

The Black Panther Wireless Charger

I must confess that I didn't like the wireless charging technology initially. I thought that was a new way for big mobile phone companies to take money from you. However, when I first used I enjoyed the experience. I am an Android user, and I always struggle to get my phone charging connected to the energy. Wireless chargers allowed me to save time and have some kind of comfort while charging.

In addition to that, Disney launched a series of Marvel-themed wireless chargers. I bought the Black Panther one while waiting for Wakanda Forever; however, the collection includes Ironman, Spiderman, Thor, and Hulk, among others.

Supernote E-Ink Tablet

Between paper and electronic, I always choose to save some trees. I know that plastic and mercury in the batteries might also impact the environment. However, I use my E-Ink Tablet, so I believe I am saving many trees in the long term.

This E-Ink tablet is not as special (and expensive) as the ReMarkable and Kindle Scribe. Still, it has many templates and reminders that help you finish any task with style and on time.

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