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The Luxembourgish-Speaking only Dungeon and Dragons Club

Let's talk about xenophobia.

I've was born in Luxembourg and lived here my whole life. I know a bit about the outside world as I have travelled with my parents. We went to the US three years ago and did a cruise to the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands. That's was pleasant. We have also travelled around Europe a bit. Travelling taught me about differences and made me understand each different point of view better.

Now, many people here are not as lucky as I am with my parents; and many local people here the furthest place that they have gone is Germany to buy cheaper alcohol.

So I believe that seeing our country succeed in creating jobs not only for Luxembourgish people but also people from all over the world can create anxiety. Some friends have fallen to make only-Luxembourgish groups to promote our national identity. I think that is somewhat ok if you are not hurting anyone's feelings.

Last week, some friends invited me to play a new Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition campaign. I doubted it because I preferred Pathfinder, but I gave up and asked my friends if I could bring my girlfriend Xanaphia. She loves Dungeon and Dragons and even her name comes from it.

See, Xanaphia and I speak English with each other because we like to practice the language. When we are outside, we talk to each other in French.

When we arrived at the Dungeon and Dragon's club, we were sharing a few words in English. This seems to anger one of the guys that reply to me in Luxembourgish, saying, "only Luxembourgish here, pal."

I replied to them in French ―so my girlfriend could understand― that Xanaphia was Swiss. She didn't speak Luxembourgish and asked them to play the game either in German or French. They reply back in Luxembourgish, saying that she can play if she can speak the local language; if not, she has to return to go back home.

Even though she doesn't speak Luxembourgish, she could understand. Xanaphia left the place in tears. I ran behind her.

We arrived at my place and tried to calm Xanaphia down. She started saying a bunch of nonsense, including that she would pack her stuff and return to Switzerland.

She was clearly upset because of the feeling of rejection.

"We are Swiss; we are supposed to be neutral in every conflict. Why would someone hate us?" She repeated.

She stayed at my place that night and hadn't met my parents yet. When she fell to sleep, I went to speak to my parents and told them what was just happened.

They were super receptive, as usual. Sometimes I don't know if I have parents or superheroes at home.

The following day, my mom prepared breakfast and invited Xanaphia. She didn't want to attend, but I insisted. She was still upset.

We had a pleasant moment and tons of waves of laughter that morning. We make clear to Xanaphia that what happened to her was an exception in Luxembourg, not the norm.

I hope she can understand it, and stay here more. I don't want to see her depart.

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