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The LGX Arena Romance

The last tournament available at the LGX Arena was a Fortnite one. I joined a team of friends that I will call "Earth Clan" not to offend anyone (Obviously, I changed the name) and started the competition.

I won't go deeper into the details of the game. We lost, but it was fun. I want to go sincerer in how I fell in love with the captain of the Wild Species team, Xanaphia_Naïl0!

We started talking about how coincidental was their team name with an old-fashioned Dungeon and Dragons (3.5 sucks!) book in Discord. Before I could realise it, I was attending a Zoom date at a McDonald's with her.

Xanaphia's name comes from D&D

Let me explain to you why we decided to go on a date to McDonald's.

Xanaphia lives in Nyon, Switzerland. That's a small town in the French-speaking area of the country, where there are no more than 21,000 people. There is barely anything in the city, a clock of flowers only available in spring and the headquarters of UEFA and other football associations that I don't care to understand.

She still lives with her parents but is planning to leave the city to attend university soon.

When deciding what to go for a date, she mentioned that she would love to be at the same place as I was. Of course, we don't have the money to travel that far (especially when Xanaphia is saving to college), so we decided to share the same restaurant. McDonald's is the only chain available in our Swiss and Luxembourgish towns.

It was the first time that I saw her face. I was afraid I would be cat-fished, but she wasn't a lie. She was the Swiss version of Anya-Taylor Joy, pink-haired, weirder (Swiss) and extra beautiful.

The date was surreal the same way it was how we met. We talked about Dungeons and Dragons a lot, and we even played a role-play scene during the McDonald's zoom call.

I was a wild elf living in the mountains whose mission was to bring the wings of a “Lilend” to his grandfather as a part of a ritual to become a grownup. Facing the Lilend at the forest, I had to go thru a Willpower Saving Throw. I rolled a turbulent "1" on the dice app. Xanaphia laughed. "I enchanted you," she said. "There is no way you can escape my spell," "Your life is mine. Now kiss me, wild elf." After that, I ended kissing the screen of my iPhone.

I must say that I didn't realise at first that Xanaphia wasn't her real name. She used a nickname based on the Lilend character of the Savage Species book, the monstrous Sybil class example, and she didn't give me her real name. "No, Benjamin Gunst, you'll have to wait for it".

"When?" I said.

"When we meet in person next month! I am moving to Luxembourg”.

I still cannot understand that this happened. What are the odds that I met a beautiful girl playing Fortnite that lives five hours away but is moving to my city? It is too coincidental that I risk saying that she planned it. But why?

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