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The French-language Dungeon & Dragons Club of Luxembourg

The last time I played Dungeon and Dragons was a few months ago when I was dating Xanaphia and visited the Luxembourgish-only Dungeon and Dragons club. Since it was an experience to forget, I set the roleplaying games aside.

However, everything changed when I received a letter from the so-called Luxembourgish Role Playing Association.

Dear Mr. Benjamin Gunst,

I will be holding an event to mark the launching of the French speakers-only Dungeon and Dragons club on Saturday. I am writing to invite you to the ceremony, which will be held in Luxembourg City. Your presence will be beyond valuable to me.

As you know, most of the Dungeon and Dragons parties in the city are held in English and Luxembourgish. This event will highlight the relevance of the French language within our culture and will include everyone, no matter where they are from. I am excited to share this day with those closest to roleplaying games in this small city.

For our launching ceremony, you will be required to wear a cosplay of your character. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to confirm your attendance.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you.


La Dame des Mystères

Two weeks later, I attended the event alone. I was wondering if I would find Xanaphia there. The idea of a Dungeon and Dragons club for French speakers only would amaze her.

I wanted to try a human bard because I didn't want to plan my costume that much. I got my dad's guitar and used the clothes I used for the 2019 Paris Comic-Con when I dressed like Sirius Black. I continued with low energy due to Xanaphia's situation, so I didn't want to put too much effort into anything.

I was expecting around 50 people, but there were less than 15 people, all overdressed. I felt sorry for my cosplay.

I met La Dame des Mysteres. She was wearing a cosplay of Mystra, the goddess of the magic of Forgotten Realms. Since no one had seen a God, she had covered her face with a mask with the symbol of Mystra. After a couple of drinks with other guys, Mystra invited us to form two groups to start an adventure with our characters. Kotario, a Half-elf Ranger, led one group, and Mystra led the other.

I joined the Kotario team.

Onturu, a half-orc Wizard, completed my party alongside Alelosh, a gnome ranger, and Ketutku, a halfling barbarian.

On the Mystra side, she was directing a campaign in a separate room.

The idea was to save a fey that a dark elf wizard kidnapped. The two Dungeon Masters would tell the story, and the team that solved the puzzle first would win. Kotario and Mystra changed teams every 30 minutes to ensure fair play.

Mystra's original team rescued the fairy first. They won 500 euros and a 5th edition Player's Handbook in French for each player.

Before leaving, I reach Mystra. I wanted to thank her for the invite.

"I wanted to know why did you invite me? You could have chosen many people in Luxembourg; how did you know I'd like this?"

Mystra didn't answer my question. She just removed the mask.

Mystra was Xanaphia.

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