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The Crypto World for Gamers, Top Three Tokens for Starters

Since the pandemic, the digital world has grown so fast that concepts, like the metaverse, don't seem to be taken out of a science fiction book.

Cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens are now widely used in many games; this is expected to continue growing in the following years.

If you are a starter in the crypto world, you must know the difference between a cryptocurrency (or coins) and crypto tokens.

Crypto coins operate in their own network knowns as a blockchain, so the blockchain keeps track of all the transactions involved. However, every transaction is encrypted and will only be identified by its network members. If you accomplish a transaction with Bitcoin that would be reflected on its own blockchain, if you do it with Ether, that will occur within the Ethereum blockchain.

On the other hand, Tokens don't have their own blockchain as they operate within a cryptocurrency network. Given that most of the transactions in games are performed at the Token level.

My top three Token for games

$MANA: It is the legal currency used in the Decentraland Metaverse. This Token runs throughout the Ethereum blockchain.

You can use it for both sales and purchases within this metaverse. MANA reached a maximum price of USD 5.90 in November 2021. Since MANA is very volatile, there are significant advantages and disadvantages to using it for commerce.

$AXS: This one is the official coin of Axie Infinity. This one has to be collected throughout the game. Luckily you can sell these tokens on platforms such as Binance. Axis Infinity became last year the most expensive collection of NFTs. MANA is in second place in terms of value.

AXS also runs in the Ethereum blockchain.

$ENJ: Enjin is a cryptocurrency launched in 2017. This Token is ERC-20 compatible, so you can send it and receive it within the Ethereum blockchain.

ENJ can be converted into NFT throughout the minting process and is available to buy on most trading cryptocurrency platforms for buying. Enjin also offers the Enjin Marketplace to buy items usable in other games.

Future of cryptocurrencies in games

I discovered Enjin because Xanaphia had some savings on it. She was one of these lucky people who bought crypto when the price was low and got significant returns. Xanaphia bought Enjin during the pandemic at a value near USD 0,01. ENJ value today is near USD 1.40.

I can imagine a completely digital world with enhanced cultural and sensory experiences in a few years. In this meta-world, humans will be able to have a second life full of incredible adventures with a vast number of crypto tokens interchangeable between worlds.

Imagine yourself looting the treasure of a dragon in a middle-aged quest and being able to sell the gold in an alien-style market in a human colony of Neptune. With the new currency, you would be able to pay your university tuition in real-time Earth in the metaverse.

Possibilities are countless, and it is just a matter of time for this to happen.

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