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Nintendo Switch Oled, really? Where is my 4K?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Yes, I am disappointed. The latest Nintendo Switch is not what we expected. When the pandemic began, we started listening to a bunch of rumours about the new Nintendo Switch Pro. Promises stated that the PS5 wouldn't see the light, 4K resolution, and the console would be even faster than the Sony one. I am not sure about this last one, but I'd love it to happen.

So, the time arrived and Nintendo presented a new console for the last quarter of 2021. Everyone was excited until the small print shed light. The new Nintendo console was precisely like the previous one, but with a bigger screen.

For real! Specs are basically the same: same battery life, same games, exact resolution, but with an Oled screen. I have to say that an Oled screen is way better than the LCD we have now in the original Switch, and it is supposed to have better contrast and brightness. That's all.

The distinction is similar to how Apple markets its iPhone; they sell you, three different models of their newest smartphone every year. The only distinguishing characteristic is that they have smaller or bigger screens. I am not against this type of marketing because it gives everyone a chance to buy the iPhone the size they want. The problem is that the Nintendo approach with Original, Lite and Oled Switch is not fair. They’ve disclosed the variations of their primary model years after its release when everyone expected an upgrade, not a console variation.

I’m not upgrading my original Switch for an Oled screen only. I'd rather wait for the Nintendo Switch Pro that might definitely arrive next year (at this pace, Sony’ll have its PS6 very well developed, coming in 16K). Unless they want to do the same mistake.

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