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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, a Fantastic Fighting Game

23 years ago, I was being born in Luxembourg. I was the first child of my mom a dad. Mom always says that dad was kind of lost that day. They didn't expect me for the 22nd of January, but I decided to come that day. Dad was lonely. A day before Super Smash Bros was released. He was an avid gamer since Atari, and he couldn't believe it would be possible to play a fighting game of Mario Bros against Link.

Super Smash Bros is the most significant crossover of the entertainment industry since it revolutionised the Nintendo 64 gaming experience and the whole video gaming industry back in 1999. I am sure it is as relevant as The Marvel Cinematic Universe because Smash was the first successful crossover in history. Without their success, I am sure that Iron would never have met Hulk, Thor and Captain America since the producers wouldn't take the risk to something so revolutionary.

SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star are playable characters

Crossovers in the video gaming industry were exploited; Heroes of the Storms by Blizzard, Marvel vs Capcom, SEGA's Sonic All-Star, and Kingdom Hearts of Disney are examples of the attempts to create the Smash Bros Killer; to be honest, from my perspective, that's impossible. No video game will be as good a Super Smash Bros, and no movie series could be as spectacular as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But there are things that producers can still do to gain some relevancy in a saturated market. DC, for example, has been surprised with the Snyder's Cut of Justice League. In the video games department, Nickelodeon has launched All-Star Brawl, following its Nickelodeon Brawl franchise games, but for consoles for the first time.

Playing the game is as exciting as playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The music, the stages and, more critical, the characters are unique in the video gaming world. It is fantastic to fight April O'Neal against Reptar of Rugrats or Ren and Stimpy. The game is so similar to Super Smash Bros that if I hadn't a PlayStation control, I wouldn't realise that I was playing a different game. This game is a buy for me since it is precisely like playing Super Smash but with more exciting characters.

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