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My Top 5 Streamers on Twitch

Well, everyone has their list, here is mine:


This guy is fantastic to see if your interest falls beyond in learning how to finish a game. TheBlackHokage talks about advice for young generations, life hacks, raising money and becoming the best version of yourself.


Ashley's super positive personality would make you love her or hate her. She doesn't focus on any videogames genre, so you can enjoy survival-horror streaming guides with many positive attitudes and contagious excitement.


Justin Wong is an American (of Chinese descent) streamer whose net worth is around 2 million US dollars. He focuses on fighting games such as the Street Fighter series and likes to play with lesser-known characters. He has a professional career as a gamer which led him to gain his fortune.


Originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Samora considers herself a variety streamer. However, it is not a lie that she is a warm-hearted fan of Nintendo (like I am). Samora brings inspiring quotes to make your life shine, in addition to the cat that appears on the screen that makes her streaming more compelling.


Former Esport team member, Myth is a legend within the Fornite and Riot Games' community.

He is like the Messi of this league.

Myth is an expert streamer whose dedication goes now almost exclusively to Valorant. If you are into this game, Myth would be the master you must follow to learn from.

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