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My Honest Review on Back 4 Blood for PS5

I was a fan of Left 4 Dead! Huge fan! So this review is deeply personal. To be honest, I have mixed feelings regarding Back 4 Blood.

What I liked

The cards system gives fantastic gameplay to improve the various elements of their characters, such as stamina, health and damage. At the start of each level, the player will be building a deck that offers them to modify these fundamental characteristics. In addition to that, there are also Corruption cards that can appear to hinder players' progress.

The similarities with Left 4 Dead are phenomenal for those who were fans of the original series. Even the story seems to be left where L4D concluded. The story starts with Mom, Evangelo, Holly and Walker trying to flee from a horde of mutated zombies. This is pure action that drives excitement to continue the story until the end.

Last but not least, the most important is the game ability formula that delighted us from L4D with quick and cooperative gaming, fun gameplay, and a good balancing between the required technical knowledge and pleasurable enjoyment.

What I didn't like

The graphics are not worthy for a PS5 game. There are clumsy movements and a not very friendly user interface. Suppose you are used to new generation games in PlayStation 5. In that case, you might think that this game is just an adaptation of a PS3 for nostalgic players.

Sometimes, the game feels repetitive, like they didn't put a lot of effort into building the encounters. If you walk around, you probably find a tall zombie man, and after that, an exploder and then a tall zombie man. Suppose you are opening a door after that, you will find another exploder. It is like zombies are just there to fill in an empty space instead of a compelling reason that is valid for the story.

Due to the wide variety of weapons, some are useless as there are few opportunities to use them accurately. Consequently, you will end having your bag space occupied for armaments that you don't know whether you will use that or not.

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