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Metroid Dread, all I wanted in one game!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Metroid Dread is the real new deal in Nintendo! Finally, the Japanese videogame company released a new flagship game for its latest console. Metroid Dread is better in Oled (Even though I maintain my recommendation of not buying it). However, it is still gratifying in both the Original and Lite Nintendo Switch.

The advantage of the Oled screen is that the sci-fi world looks really stunning (I bet it might be better in 4K); it is also creepier and darker.

The story of Dread follows up where Metroid Fusion (released 19 years ago) left it. More heavy weaponry, deadly Samus clones, and challenging bosses are part of this newly released episode.

The game is still as complex as the previous seasons. Still, it is helpful that Dread saves the progress in shorter intervals than its predecessors, so make it easier to catch up when you die.

After playing the game for a few hours, I can tell you that it will satisfy you whether you are a 3D or 2D gamer. Samus is more agile and now can slide, fight melee and even aim her cannon while doing other activities. It is a matter of time to get used to the new movements of Samus that will help you pass the game smoothly.

One added difficulty is the EMMI robots, a series of indestructible watchdogs robots patrolling areas of the map. They will chase you after listening to Samus movement with no other escape than hiding, sprinting out of their patrolled area or using the cloak ability.

If an EMMI catches you, Samus will die immediately. Not all of them are the same, and they grow in capabilities as the levels become more complex. I found it really funny escaping to these guys.

As I love platforms, Nintendo, sci-fi, graphics, and melee fights, this game has everything I desired in a video game.

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