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How to watch Spiderman with a DC fan, tips so they do not ruin the movie

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Since Spiderman No Way Home was premiered a couple of weeks ago, I saw it the same day with Xanaphia. But turns out that she is a real DC fan. She is such a fan of DC that doesn't give a monkey the MCU. Anyhow she agreed to go with me to the premiere and didn't screw me my happy moment.

Ask them in advance to refrain from spoilers

Preventing yourself from spoilers is a perfect way to enjoy the movie more. Spiderman No Way Home was one of the movies with more production secrets (after watching it, you might understand why). So they mustn't reveal anything beforehand. Making any comments could decrease your experience.

Negotiate with the hater, give something that you don't care about first

Marvel hater tends to be proud of their superiority -of nothing-. So to demonstrate that you are coming in goodwill, you can offer yourself to watch any DC film first, for example. Harley Quinn's Birds of Prey could be a good option since that movie is terrible. When your hater watches Spiderman, they will have a recent comparison point.

Don't argue about who is a better superhero

DC fans can be a bit emotional when it comes to the MCU. It is well-known that Warner hasn't capitalised on what Disney did with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So if you heard anything like, "Robin has a strong character than Peter Parker," don't reply back. The last thing you want to do is start a fight because someone is jealous of Disney's success. We all know Spiderman is better.

The whole world knows Marvel movies are better. You can compare IMDB ratings for example:

Spiderman No Way Home:

Harley Quinn's Bird of Prey:

(Check my IMDB profile here)

Buy them an enormous popcorn and soda

If your company is bored, you might feel bad that you solely enjoy the experience. So buy a giant popcorn and a large soda. It might turn out that they might need to go to the restroom, and they don't ruin the movie anymore.

Be yourself after the movie

If it turns out that the hater now enjoyed the movie (which is pretty possible), take the opportunity to invite them to watch more MCU films -not Sony Marvel films, please-. You can be their entry point to the world of Marvel.

Go alone to the cinema if things go wrong

You don't need to go to the movies with a hater to watch your favourite character. If, after a few tries, this person is still not interested, go by yourself. It is ok to go to the cinema alone and watch the movies you like. Many people do so. It is not wrong; you are just doing what you love to do.

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