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How To Buy Luxembourgish Esport Attire?

I was talking last day with Xanaphia about how eSports communities in Switzerland and Luxembourg differs. Even though Luxembourg is a Western European developed country, we are tiny. Things like Esports arrive late compared to big metropolises close to us, such as Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt or Geneva. I still remember being a child using a dial-up Internet connection while my friends in the conurbations of Luxembourg located in France were enjoying the first high-speed Internet of Europe.

Xanaphia is wearing t-shirts and even pyjamas of her favourite Swiss teams. On the other hand, for me is really hard to find anything Luxembourgish online. Here is my experience:

Team 4E: also known as 4Elements Esports, they are supposed to be the most prominent Esport team in the Benelux area. Their origin came after a merger between FWRD (Luxembourg's most famous Esport squad) and 4Elements (a solid team based in the Netherlands). Right now, they don't have a website nor products available for selling in marketplaces such as Amazon, for example. So trying to be proud of the greatest Benelux Esport team could be a failure.

Kingz eSports: is another big team in the country. They are well known for their performance in Counter-Strike competitions. The team is comprised of notable names such as Luxdpi, Pischto, Luxtny, Plum3r and Fonsanity. Anyway, they also lack a website and proper social media management. They posted a tweet 4 years ago saying that they had a big community on Steam and that link doesn't work anymore. Are they unconcerned about their image online? Of course, trying to buy online a t-shirt with its logo is impossible.

Mind Games Esport: this one was my last try on wearing a Grand Duchy Esport t-shirt. So I did the obvious, I went to Google. I got four possible results with no clarity on which one was the Luxembourgish team. I found a 'European' Rocket League focused team, an independent Esport league, and a website for online mind games. Anything useful? No.

After a few hours of frustration, I went to the sites of small teams, but the results were kind of the same. A few engagements in social media, few quality websites. What did I do? Well, I just went to Amazon and bought a Luxembourg flag in the shape of a heart t-shirt. Now, that is my uniform for the Zoom calls with Xanaphia.

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