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How and Why to Become a Member of the Luxembourg Esport Federation?

There are two types of memberships for those who want to be members of the Fédération Luxembourgeoise D'Esport (FLES) that require more or less involvement within the association.

First of all, we have associate members. This type of membership is intended only for legal persons. After signing in, they will gain the right of voting at general assemblies and being part of executive committees.

The best part is that the associate membership costs simply 15€ a year. This is especially good if you believe that the Gaming Democracy must be inclusive and will change the way you play in this jurisdiction.

The other association with the group is via the partner membership: Natural and legal persons can support the FLES. This kind of membership doesn't require active involvement with the organisation and is free of price. Nevertheless, it doesn't confer votes at the general assembly.

The last type of membership is the honorary; nevertheless, this one can be gained only by an exceptional commitment recognised by the Associate members in a general assembly.

The rulebook of the Luxembourg Esport Federation highlights the importance of mutual respect and discipline while being part of the association.

If you are planning to join, you can sign up here. Don't be afraid of changing how the community perceive and engage with eSports in our country.

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