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Honest review: Sonic Origins for Nintendo Switch

The compilation of the first four games of Sonic The Hedgehog arrived a few days ago with a lot of emotions for my parents. My dad, who was disappointed with the Diablo Immortal release, developed a lot of expectations for this game.

I have never played the originals Sonic: The Hedgehog games, but I saw my dad playing it on his laptop. The differences that I could notice were the following:

  • The graphics are better, but please don't expect a PS5 game. This is just a remastering of a 90s game.

  • A widescreen option is available, but you can also play the classic 4:3 version. I didn't know why someone would choose that option until my dad did it. He said it was the only way to play Sonic (I still don't understand why).

  • The story of the games is fantastic.

I recommend this game to anyone eager to discover the origin story of this fantastic character.

Surprisingly, I got the game as a gift from Xanaphia, who had been acting strangely for the last few weeks. After I opened the present, she told me everything.

"Benjamin, we are kids. I don't expect to marry you. I hope you don't expect the same. You are 22, and I am 20 years old." This was the introduction to some hurtful words.

Before travelling to Barcelona, Xanaphia visited Nyon at stayed with her parents. During that visit, she met her ex-boyfriend, and they stayed together. Xanaphia was confused because even though she liked me, she still had feelings for the other guy.

After a few nights together, she discovered she didn't want to be with the Swiss guy and returned to Luxembourg.

When she confessed everything, I didn't know how to react. I asked her to leave while I processed everything.

I haven't been able to call her back. She hit me with a few text messages, but I could not open them. I need more time.

I think this is the first time that I am experiencing this emotion. It is something between shame, fear and guilt. I feel shame for being with a person that was with another person without my consent. I feel fear of losing Xanaphia or not finding love again. I feel guilty because my parents invited her to Barcelona and had a special get-together.

I don't know what will occur in the future, but if you are reading this, Xanaphia, please know that I need time to understand what happened. Words can be helpful to describe emotions but are not enough to feel them.

Playing Sonic Origins has been an excellent escape to avoid thinking about Xanaphia. At least now I don't have to make an effort to understand the DC Universe, which doesn't make any sense after what happened with Batgirl. What Marvel had done with all the problems is fantastic.

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