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My honest review on Just Dance 2022

Ok, I know I am super late on this. But for me, it made sense to start my first Honest Review of 2022 with a game that actually says 2022 on the cover (I am sorry, FIFA!).

As you might know, this game was released in July last year, and the idea of having 2022 on the cover is solely marketing since no songs were released this year. Probably, when the travel machine is invented, Ubisoft will finally honour the name of this franchise. Point for FIFA because only half of the game's season is played during the year of the release; the rest is on the year they actually advertise.

The followers of the Just Dance franchise might be used to the novelties of every year release: 40 new songs, a couple of new scenes and some interesting new dance movements. These changes are not as attractive as having Messi in the Paris Saint-Germain, for example, in FIFA 2022.

There were no changes in terms of gameplay since the 2020 version (released in 2019); just the images of the character got a little clearer now, which made the overlapping movements easier to follow.

Sweat mode is the same as the 2021 version, but now instead of a score, it gives you the number of estimated calories you have burned by dancing. The critical part of this feature is that you shouldn't substitute your daily workout for dancing on the Nintendo. Still, if you are a calorie counting person, this newly added component will help you understand better your numbers.

On the other hand, The Kids Mode is kind of disappointing because it doesn't include any new songs. The music showcased "for kids" can be found in previous editions of the games, which is kind of lame if you just paid 45 euros to entertain yourself with your kids.

I am sorry, Ubisoft, but FIFA is the winner in these games with names on the Back to the Future style. To be honest, unless you have an Xbox, which improves the experience, or you are a big fan of the franchise, this game is a non-buy. There are better way to spend 50 euros than having a new game with repeated songs from previous editions (you can also buy them online thanks to Just Dance Unlimited).

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