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Honest review on Darksiders III for Nintendo Switch

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Yes, Nintendo fans had to wait three years to get the game here. Was it worth? Of course not! But continue reading the article as you might find anything valuable for your gaming style.

Why is it not worthy?

Obviously, the game is exactly the same as the one released on Playstation 4 and Xbox three years ago. The difference is that you now have the graphic restrictions Nintendo Switch have. Unless you play it on the Oled screen (if you decided to waste your money), the graphics details lose quality from the PS4 and Xbox versions.

In addition to that, why would you buy a game for 35 to 40 euros if you can download an original copy for free in the Sony and Microsoft stores? Nintendo Switch controls didn't add anything new to the playability. If you don't have a Switch Pro control, playing with the joy-cons might be pretty complicated.

Why would you buy it?

Well, suppose you are a Nintendo-exclusive player. In that case, this will be your chance to continue the story Darksiders 2 left incomplete, the previous instalment of this fantastic franchise that was also available in Nintendo Switch. If you haven't played the last series, there is nothing to worry about. Now you will be playing with Fury, a strong character whose personality will help you discover all the darkness inside you.

In addition to that, Darksiders III for Nintendo Switch will include "for free" all the extra downloadable material. The Crucible and Keepers of the Void DLCs, whose combined value is around 10 euros in other consoles' releases, will come by default in Nintendo Switch.

My honest recommendation for this product is not to buy it unless you haven't played it before and you are a Nintendo-exclusive gamer. Otherwise, you can just download it for free on your console and pay the 10 euros for the DLCs material.

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