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Dungeon and Dragons turns 50 soon, is the 6th edition coming?

Since the Luxembourgish-speaking only Dungeon & Dragons incident, talking about roleplaying games was kind of a taboo topic. Xanaphia was still upset about the situation and any comment of something connected somehow to Medieval Fantasy was a trigger. Imagine that it was even impossible talking about the new trailer of Amazon Studios' The Lord of The Ring-inspired series.

Here is the trailer if you haven't watched it:

However, a couple of days ago, we watched The Batman and everything changed (I'll write a separate review later). Xanaphia enjoyed it so much. After the movie, we went to the Mcdonald's of the Kinepolis and she mentioned herself:

"Hey, I am seeing in the news that Wizards is probably launching the 6th edition soon! I think I am excited!"

"WHAAAT? I cannot believe it! The 5th edition is still fresh." I mentioned this with caution. I didn't want to be the one opening the topic.

"It is not fresh! It is from 2014! It will be 10 years since they released it!"

"Xanaphia, switching from 1st edition to Advanced D&D took them 15 years!"

"Yes, but from Advance to 3rd edition took them 11 years, then 3 years more for 3.5 – do you remember it? You couldn’t take a step or breathe without throwing a die - and 5 years later the 4th edition fiasco arrived! They have to fix that quickly with the 5th edition, which I think is excellent, but I think they didn't have the time to prepare themselves for it, so many rules seem to be created quickly."

Later at home, while seeing Xanaphia playing Pokémon Legends Arceus, we found out that the news about a 6th edition were only rumours. Wizards of the Coast has confirmed that they are preparing a revised set of core rules for the 50th anniversary of Dungeon and Dragons that will be fully compatible with D&D Next.

We also discussed the opinion of some older gamers that grew up during the Editions' battle in the 2000s when Wizards released three editions within 8 years (3rd, 3.5 and 4th). For them, it was a shame that, at the moment, most people were getting used to the new system, they moved to another one. This practice provoked parallel games such as Pathfinder, which became the most loved Open Licensed Dungeon and Dragons Edition and number one roleplaying game for years.

"You know, Benjamin, I am happy about what happened with the crazy local dudes."

"How come you are happy? That sounds strange."

"I mean, I am not happy, but I decided to move on. No hard feelings, you know. I am ok now. It was not a big deal. They are just a few guys trying to protect their regional culture without having any good numbers in Charisma. So they fail any Diplomatic check they made."

"I would say Intelligence check, ha, ha, ha!"

After finishing the conversation, we finally watched The Rings of Power trailer together.

Xanaphia's face was intrigued and before she went to her place, she added:

"To be honest, Gunst, I don't know how we will find time to play games, watch series and keep updated with Dungeon and Dragons' new rules”.

"I just hope that we can enjoy what we chose”.

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