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Diablo Immortal, pure nostalgia on my phone

Immortal takes place five years after the events of Diablo II, but it is set before Diablo III. The game is the first online-play only with the free-to-play characteristic for mobile devices of the Diablo family. It is a fast-paced arcade-style game that doesn't limit the time you can spend playing on the platform. Instead, the business model of Diablo Immortal consists in boosting microtransactions of real-world currency that can be converted into platinum for buying at the game marketplace.

I knew about Diablo a long time ago because of my father. He was an avid fan of the franchise. I remember being a kid and seeing him playing alongside my mom.

My parents met at a cybercafé in 2001 when Diablo II was a success. My father was a nerd who loved to play there on weekends, while my mom was into gamers then.

They met after my father spilled his coffee while playing Diablo. My mom, doing some college research, sat next to him. She felt some hot coffee in her shoes and yelled. According to my mom, my father was so awkward about the situation that he said sorry eleven times. They had seen each other many times in the cybercafé but never said a word. According to my mom, she took the initiative to ask him out, while my dad portrays himself as the one who conquered mom.

I believe my mom's version of the story. I would never think that my dad's move was throwing coffee on a beautiful lady's shoes to get her phone number.

Going back to the present, my dad's opinion on Diablo Immortal is a mix; while he is happy that a sequel of Diablo has arrived, he thinks that the quality was not the expected. He also said that the game deserved a PC version. I agree with him on this. Diablo gamers are PC fans. You won't see them playing with an iPhone.

Xanaphia, on the other hand, is a Diablo fan because she is an avid gamer. She knows more vintage games than anyone that I know. Xanaphia is a fan of the release. She said she is happy that Blizzard finally understood fans since they are not restricting the time anyone can play. In addition to that, you don't need to spend a cent to play this game since you can do and get everything for free. However, you have to pay if you want to get things faster or get diverse designs for your items.

This game is similar to many massively multiplayer action games, such as Genshin Impact. Diablo didn't add that much value to previous versions of the game. Sometimes I felt I was playing Diablo II on an iPhone, for example. I bet the game must be fantastic for those who played Diablo when I was not part of the world, but I don't see why current Gen Z guys should give it a chance (I hope Xanaphia doesn't read this).

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