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Image by Sean Whelan


Who the he## is this guy?

Born in the 90s, Benjamin Gunst is a young Luxembourgish entrepreneur who loves video games and eSports.
Even though Luxembourg is a very open-minded and friendly country, the video games lifestyle still sounds like a taboo topic in some families and friends groups.
People think that video games are a waste of time, a shame, or do not require skills to play. But the reality is clearly the opposite. You DO need skills to play; you need to do research, study, and practice to be a decent player.
With all the Internet explosion, you can find a bunch of sites talking about video games online. However, with so many options, this can be not very clear. That's how The Benjamin Buff was born.

The Benjamin Buff is a site for lovers of gaming literature to find a space full of quality articles to make better decisions when choosing a game.

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